We organise school excursion to exotic locations around the globe through our student tour services.

We also organize group tour packages to choice destination.

The benefits of student tour services
When your child returns home with enthusiastic stories and pictures of an incredible time abroad, you’ll see the immediate impact the experience has had. However, the most significant and enduring effects may not emerge until later, as you see your child tackle challenges with newfound confidence, approach studies with more enthusiasm and maturity, and demonstrate more sensitivity to other people.

Higher grades
When students travel with Easylife’s student tour services, they’re not just learning about other places, cultures and languages, they’re living it. Whether learning about Greek mythology at the Acropolis or discussing ecosystems in a Costa Rican rain forest, these hands-on experiences allow students to truly connect with their studies in new ways. Easylife tours pique students’ intellectual curiosity, translating into increased academic success upon their return.


Newfound confidence

After standing inside the Colosseum, walking along China’s Great Wall or simply ordering lunch in the local language, students can’t help but see new possibility in the world, in their abilities and in their future. In addition to gaining greater cultural sensitivity and an international perspective on their studies, students return home feeling more confident and independent-qualities that stay with them throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.

Stronger college applications

Because so many U.S. colleges appreciate the value of global awareness and now place an increased emphasis on international perspectives within their curricula, students with international experience have a competitive edge when applying to colleges. Plus, because Easylife is a fully accredited international tour company, students can even earn high school and college credit while on tour.

Enhanced career prospects

Easylife tours often inspire travelers to embark on international careers. Past travelers have become translators at the United Nations, diplomats in Washington, D.C., and international executives. Regardless of your child’s professional ambitions, the Easylife tour experience instils new confidence in students, enhances students’ ability to work with a variety of people and encourages them to perceive new challenges from a broader perspective-skills that can enhance a person’s career no matter what the industry.

Friendships that last a lifetime

Students who travel on an Easylife tour develop lasting friendships with fellow travelers. Whether they’ve been friends for years or meet on the tour bus, friends who share in the life-changing experience of traveling abroad make special connections that often endure into adulthood.


Private Tours

Any International Discovery program can be a private tour with as few as 15 participants. Private tours mean a Tour Director exclusive to your group and no students from other schools on your program.

Custom-Designed Programs

Easylife International Discovery programs are custom-designed across the curriculum and our experienced Tour Coordinators are always pleased to assist you in designing a program to meet all of your educational, cultural, and budgetary requirements. Contact us today to begin planning a customized trip for your students through our Student tour services.

Thematic Learning Programs

Thematic Learning Programs are focused on specific areas of the curriculum. They feature days with content that emphasizes a specific educational theme and often includes local specialist guides that provide in-depth context on tour. On any Thematic Learning Program, high school students have the option to earn free high school credit or affordable college credit, and middle school students can earn free high school credit.

Any of our Pre-designed educational trips can be customized to focus on an academic theme, or we can custom-design an itinerary around the content you teach. Take a look at a sampling of our academic themed educational

Educational Tours

We organise school excursion to exotic locations around the globe through our student tour services.

Placement Services

We offer placement & International Student Recruitment services in the following areas: Foundations, Undergraduates, Post graduates, Pre-Masters and PHD programs in all courses.

Travel and Tours

We specialize in confirmed travel plan for individual and group tour packaging and promotion, training, family holiday, business and leisure travel...

Visa Counselling

It is our duty to ensure that our clients are properly advised and assisted to ensure that the aim of schooling abroad is achieved by obtaining their study visa. This we do by ensuring that all the required documentation is provided...

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