Visa counseling

It is our duty to ensure that our clients are properly advised and assisted to ensure that the aim of schooling abroad is achieved by obtaining their study visa. This we do by ensuring that all the required documentation is provided. We advise our clients on the tuition and living expenses requirement before application begins. We also provide them with the Test of English requirements and how they can register, sit and pass the test as required by the embassy.

Easylife Preparation Resources Limited checks students' financial capabilities and the authenticity.

However, you must meet requirements for English-language proficiency and financial capacity and will have to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant requirement.

Clients must provide all the documentation necessary to support his application (originals or certified or notarized).

Easylife Preparation Ltd. also recently won the prestigious award of the African Brand Leadership Awards 2016 for Africa's best company in proficiency travel and tourism consultancy of the year 2016.

Visa counseling