Our Placement & International Student Recruitment Services

We offer placement & International Student Recruitment services in the following areas: Foundations, Undergraduates, Post graduates, Pre-Masters and PHD programs in all courses.

Annually Easylife Preparation Resources Limited undertakes the placement of over one thousand students to partner institutions around the globe. This we do by ascertaining the genuine intentions of students once they visit our office and provide the necessary advise.

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable institution anywhere around the world, then Easylife will assist you in articulating that as we partner with over thirty affordable institution in the US, Canada, China, Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

We provide you with the opportunity to consider a wide range of study opportunities without the need to personally researching them.

Our service is independent and its primary objective is to match the individual needs and priorities of each student to the particular requirements of the education institution.

We also maintain regular contact with those responsible for overseas admissions at our client universities and colleges to ensure that up to date information is available about their International student recruitments.

We also provide an independent view of the suitability of a particular institution and course based upon your own specific needs and wishes thereby helping to maximize your course satisfaction.